Zork: The War of Journey Judged from Altar

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This is ZORK: The War of Journey and you can find any of these solvers to look so that you'll find a way to the Ancient of Zork at the end of this session will be mentioned to take a prophecy of Infocom.

When you on the South Road, Someone who has been recently found from the road ass they're in the highway and you'll go to West Road and wait until you hear the siren at the different roads are coming in. Wait again and the police is driving to your spot and the police steps out of his vehicle and looks at you but he notice you that you are holding your possessions and things to say but as you know I realised for my game it is my choice to kill the police or resisting arrest from him and I ran away to the South Road but I've lost the police in sight. What happens if you try to kill the police? Police draw his gun as you attack him and you are arrested for attacking the officer and you got jailed at this time but you'll do noticed that the cell door is closed while you in the cell in prison.

A moment later, you find yourself in the Merton Room and you go north and try to kill Viscera but you'll have to save first before you try to kill Viscera and you get killed from him.

ZORK: The War of Journey registered trademarks of their respective owners and companies.

This game is owned by Zork Inc. and Infocom.

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