Zelda Ocarina of Time Randomizer: Double Damage, Shopsanity, Tokensanity

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This is my 4th OoT randomizer seed recorded for this channel, once again using version 4.0. Some of the commentary is regrettable, but below are the main settings used and link to the seed:

Seed URL: https://ootrandomizer.com/seed/get?id...

Open Forest: True
Open Door of Time: True
Open Zora Fountain: True
Open Kakariko Gate: False
Rainbow Bridge: All Dungeons
Shopsanity: 4
Tokensanity: All
Songs Shuffled In: True
Damage Multiplier: Double
Ocarinas Shuffled: True
Kokiri Sword Shuffled: True
Big Poe Count: 1
Ganon's Trials: 0
Ganon's Door Unlocked: True
Fast Travel: True
Free Scarecrow's Song: True
Cutscene Skips: All True

Disabled Locations:
Frog Ocarina Game
Ocarina Memory Game
Bombchu Bowling Bomb Bag
Bombchu Bowling Piece of Heart
Anjus Chickens
Goron City Pot Freestanding PoH
Ice Cavern Map Chest
Ice Cavern Compass Chest
Ice Cavern Iron Boots Chest
Ice Cavern Freestanding PoH
Sheik in Ice Cavern
GS Ice Cavern Push Block Room
GS Ice Cavern Heart Piece Room
GS Ice Cavern Spinning Scythe Room
Dampe Race Freestanding PoH
Channel: Good Old Days Gaming

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