Zelda: Ocarina of Time Piano Medley (Extended) Nostalgia Edition

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Here's an extended version of my Zelda Medley, featuring some of the most iconic tunes from Ocarina of Time, filmed in this new bird-eye perspective.

0:03 Title Theme
1:22 Song of Storms
1:54 Serenade of Water
2:11 Great Fairy Fountain
3:29 Saria's Song
4:01 Zelda's Lullaby
4:13 Minuet of Forest
4:25 Bolero of Fire
4:38 Lon Lon Ranch
6:18 Nocturne of Shadow
6:36 Gerudo Valley
7:28 Title Theme (Reprise)
7:45 Kakariko Village
8:55 Main Theme
9:19 ???

Sheets: https://www.musicnotes.com/l/CL0008958
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Outro Song: http://gamefun8.com/game-video_g4G1tXBwvUNw

=======(The Details)=======
I wanted to do something special for the first video of 2020 with this video. It's the longest/most involved Medley I've done for this channel and took a lot of practice to get ready (over 36 hours of total rendering for this video). I think that practiced paid off as the trickier tunes went well (Fairy Fountain and Gerudo Valley).

The phrasing and dynamics could be better but I was really feeling the pressure on this upload due to the length and difficulty of recording it in one take, all the delays and after not having recorded for a while. There are a few mistakes/heavy-handed playing, especially in the Bolero of Fire and Lon Lon Ranch. I was honestly afraid of losing the take due to some stupid one-off mistake in those tracks and it comes off in the playing imo. Those mistakes will be corrected in the sheet music.

Overall I think it was a great take and I hope newcomers and veterans of the channel can both enjoy this video. Now onto the next video!

Your Pianist,

Erik C.

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