Zack Fair's Origins Explained ► Final Fantasy 7 + Crisis Core Lore

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Zack Fair has been one of the most requested characters for us to cover within this Origins series and the time is now right for us to move back to the lore of Final Fantasy 7 with Zack Fair's Origins!

Despite having a relatively minor role within the original narrative of Final Fantasy 7, Zack Fair grew to be something so much more than that due to his leading role in Crisis Core and cameo appearance in Before Crisis.

It was through these expanded experiences that we got to learn more about his relationships with characters like Aerith, Cloud and Sephiroth, as well as new characters like Angeal and Cissnei. And it was through these experiences that we got to see the fun loving character that they had envisioned years prior, even if we always knew we'd have to see Zack Fair's death at the end.

We hope you enjoy! Be sure to let us know which character you'd like us to focus on next!


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Throughout this video, we'll be talking about things like...

- Zack Fair and Aerith
- Zack Fair and Cloud Strife
- Zack Fair (Buster Sword)
- Zack Fair's Death
- Zack Fair's Final Battle
- Zack Fair's Story
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