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Alterac Valley in its true Vanilla version is the most incredible invention ever made.
We put a lot of efforts into this battleground to make it as blizzlike as possible : World Boss, Cavalry, Korrak, Troops, Patrols, Aerial strike, and some other exclusive content.
Here is the first real video of our Alterac Valley.
Check this link to see the previous Teaser : http://gamefun8.com/game-video_gBn8zU...

There are 2 mines in Alterac Valley, controlled at the beginning of the battle by kobolds.
Quests, Patrols, NPC's positions, equipped weapons, spells, all of these and much more has been entirely scripted.
After a mine is taken, your troops will begin to spawn wiping out the mine of enemies.
Notice that supplies can only be taken if you control the mine and if you got the corresponding quest.
Controling mines during the Battleground, will allow your faction to get the opportunity to ask for troop reinforcements.

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