World of Warcraft CLASSIC - More PvP - More bug reports!

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FINALLY!!! World of Warcraft CLASSIC IS HERE!! Playing the WoW Classic FINAL closed beta to help make the Classic Summer experience better for ALL of us!

I played the original vanilla World of Warcraft starting day one. Technically I beta tested it too! I joined in the original WoW beta like 3 days before it actually went live in 2004. Played through most of vanilla. I stopped playing a few months after BGs were introduced. I felt they really detracted from world pvp. I enjoyed the BGs, but I am not as much of a fan of "canned pvp." World pvp is where the real adrenaline is!
Went back for TBC and played through most of that as well!

Feel free to join in, give tips, learn things, test things with us.

Classic World of Warcraft officially goes LIVE on August 26th, 2019 at 3pm PDT (6pm Eastern).
You could start logging into the new Classic servers and reserving your names on August 12. So if you have a name you want then subscribe and reserve it if you have not already!



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