World of Warcraft bug, worgen rogue sap, hit & misses targets.

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Another group of bugs that Blizzard brings out every expansion (xpac), and it takes them months or even years to fix.

My worgen rogue misses targets because Blizzard have screwed up my rogues hit rating, and I can't sap players.

In the first issue my rogue tries to sap (stun) a horde player on a mount. I have sap macroed to pick pocket so when I go into a pve area I can sap npcs and pick their pockets at the same time. About 5 seconds into the clip I sap a horde on its mount and the player is not sapped but I do try to pick its pocket. (see red message appear on the screen). So I got the target but sap didn't work.

The player was not in combat and had only just come from the horde res area. And another rogue near me was able to sap him.

My worgen rogue's sap has been bugged since the xpac and the first time I sap a player, it does nothing to them. I then have to sap them a second time (if I can) before it works.

The second issue involves my rogue not being able to hit a stunned player.

About 27 seconds into the clip and my rogue uses cheap shot on a horde monk. I hit the monk and stun him. I then use shadowstrike and miss the monk.

My rogue has been missing targets since the xpac. I miss targets that are moving about and I miss then when they are stunned. I am not lagging when this happens. It is caused by programming errors in the game and they occur every time Blizzard does an expansion. But they only affect worgen rogues. They do not affect horde players or other alliance races.

The third issue involves a talent called Cheat Death that is meant to activate when you take a hit that should kill you. It stops you dying and leaves you with 7% of your health. For the first couple of weeks after the xpac it was not activating at all, or would do so randomly. Now it is activating but not leaving me with 7% of my health. This can be seen at the end of the clip.

And whilst the programmers at Blizzard might say I did get 7% of my health and it was removed by the horde players hitting me, this also happens when only 1 horde is attacking me and they don't get another hit in after cheat death activates.

Cheat death is now activating but leaves me with 1 health, not 7% of my health like it is meant to do.

Basically in the game World of Warcraft, worgen rogues are stuffed and have been for years and they get worse every xpac because of programming errors, aka bugs.
Channel: Rod Laurie

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