Wolfenstein 3D Orchestral Re-recording - FULL ALBUM (HQ / HD)

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This is my full officially licensed album for Wolfenstein 3D which features massive orchestral versions of just about every theme from the DOS classic.

Sadly, it appears that Wolf 3Ds menu music (HORST WEISSEL LIED) is on Germany's mythical and secret BPjM List. Germany filed a complaint with Spotify and my publisher has removed this album from any and all digital music stores.... but that means all of you now get to hear it for free in high quality. Enjoy!

0:00 - Menu - (Wondering About My Loved Ones)
2:04 - E1M1 - Get Them!
4:13 - E1M2 - Searching For The Enemy
6:15 - E1M3 - P O W
8:10 - E1M4 - Suspense
10:03 - E1M10 - Enemy Around The Corner
12:31 - E2M1 - Anthem
13:34 - E2M2 - Lurking
15:09 - E2M10 - Into The Dungeons
16:51 - E3M2 - The Nazi Rap
18:36 - E3M9 - The Ultimate Challenge
21:01 - Episode Complete - U R A Hero
21:24 - BONUS - Get Them (percussion only)

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Channel: Rich Douglas

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