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Wolfenstein 3D (often shortened to Wolfenstein and Wolf3D) is a first-person shooter developed by id Software and originally published by Apogee Software. The game is set during World War II, as the player controls a captured American spy named B.J. Blazkowicz. The game was originally released on May 5, 1992 for MS-DOS, but later ported to multiple other systems. The general gameplay is that of a maze-like layout where the player ran around collecting guns, ammo and treasure. The game originally included only 3 episodes, but later was enhanced by 3 more prequel episodes, known as the Nocturnal Missions.

The game is forbidden from sale in Germany due to cultural stigma against the use of swastikas in any fashion, though private play is permitted.

Starting with the SNES port, later releases based on the DOS one had a different set of missions. These became part of what is known as the Original Encounter/2nd Encounter and is a prequel to the original game, however it's story is largely ambitious and changes from platform to platform.

Id Software created Wolfenstein 3D after pioneering a 3D game engine used in Hovertank 3D and Catacomb 3-D. The game was inspired by the older games Castle Wolfenstein and Beyond Castle Wolfenstein for the Commodore 64, Apple II, and DOS, which were stealth-based and controlled in a top-down view. However, both games have no other relation to the current Wolfenstein franchise. It is considered the grandfather of the First-Person Shooter genre as it all started from here.

In Wolfenstein 3D, the player controls B.J. Blazkowicz, an American spy during World War II. The game is divided into two sections: the primary episodes 1, 2, and 3, and the prequel Nocturnal Missions, the episodes 4 through 6, which take place chronologically before the first three episodes. In the Mac/IIGS port these 6 episodes are collectively known as the 3rd Encounter.
Episode 1: Escape from Castle WolfensteinEdit

id Software
Apogee Software
Tom Hall
John Carmack
John Romero
Adrian Carmack
John Romero
Tom Hall
Robert Prince
Wolfenstein 3D engine
Classic Mac OS
Xbox 360
PlayStation 3
Release date(s)
May 5, 1992

February 1994

Atari Jaguar

Mac OS
August 3, 1994

September 3, 1995

Game Boy Advance
April 2002

May 6, 2003

August 3, 2007

March 25, 2009

Xbox 360
June 3, 2009

PlayStation 3
June 4, 2009
First-person shooter

The game was originally released for MS-DOS and NeXTSTEP, but has since been released on multiple other systems such as the Macintosh, Apple IIGS, Acorn Archimedes, NEC PC-9801, SNES, Jaguar, and GBA. For the twentieth anniversary of the game, an HTML5 port was released on the Wolfenstein website.

The SNES port has an entirely different storyline that actually could make Return to Castle Wolfenstein and the 2009 Wolfenstein game part of an ongoing series.
On top of that, it's impossible to sneak up on enemies since they lack sprites for directions besides forwards.
Dogs are replaced with rats as part of Nintendo's censorship policy.
Also, Hitler is not exactly a boss in any of the missions. He is instead replaced by the Staatmeister (State Master in English), though the battle is still the same.
Nazi Germany is called the "Master State."
Castle Wolfenstein is also not the first castle in the SNES port, it is instead the last castle you attack as part of a six chapter mission series.
The Atari Jaguar port has new textures and enemy sprites.
The graphics for walls, enemies, and other objects do not become blocky or chunky at close range, a problem that the SNES & MS-DOS suffer from.
The iPhone port, when it first came out, stuck to the original PC artwork. After receiving claims from users, the weapon graphics were upgraded to the higher-res Mac Family graphics.
In the Xbox 360 and PS3 ports, the Pac-Man ghosts were replaced with Fake Hitlers possibly due to copyright issues. However, Blinky is still present in E6L10.
The HTML5 port features the original 3 episodes.
The player is allowed to start from any level they choose.
The Nocturnal Missions (episodes 4-6) are not included.
It features the same music as the original game, except it is played with higher quality instruments.

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