WarCraft III: Reforged - What Happened?

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On this episode of What Happened, we enter the world of Kalimdor to see that it's literally on fire! Blizzard's latest release, WarCraft III Remastered is still in a poor state and isn't getting any better very much quickly at all. Looks like it's gonna need a lot more "work, work!"

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Music List:
Lost Vikings (Sega Genesis) - Wacky World
Lost Vikings (Sega Genesis) - Space Craft
Lost Vikings (Sega Genesis) - Unused Egypt Alternative
Lost Vikings (Sega Genesis) - Ending Part 2
Warcraft II OST - 04 - Human 3
Lost Vikings (Sega Genesis) - The Great Factory
Raid Shadow Legends OST - Incidental Songs
Warcraft II OST - 09 - Orc 2

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