Super Mario Kart - Mario Kart Ep. 1

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Mango Town Plays Super Mario Kart.

Mango Town is a musical collective that regularly plays games. Our main goal is to create a community of fruit municipality and/or game lovers who will want to challenge us and the community weekly. We want ourselves and everyone else to learn different games in fun ways. We don’t always make the best moves, so you can enjoy yelling at your computer screen at us while feeling superior. We stream live on twitch, and welcome you to chat with us live, and even challenge us to games! We will aim to play new games each episode. Feel free to ask Mango Town advice on anything any we would be glad to answer! We regularly talk about music, philosophy, tv shows, movies, psychology, strategy, tactics, and much more! Please join us in creating Mango Town by joining our Mango Town Community.
Mango Town is a musical band collective that sometimes plays music for people, but are here specifically for this video for playing games. Games are all about having fun, and we want to do that by showing and playing all the many different games. We hope to see you live on our twitch so we can chat.
We stream live on twitch, you can see our schedule on twitch as well! please feel free to challenge us to games. If you would like to play against one of us for a full episode please let us know! Learn how to make your own fruit municipality!

Twitch twitch.tv/mangotownplaza
Twitter @mangotownplaza
Lichess / iggamecenter / zoldsakk.hu/en/
MangoTownTravis MangoTownMike
MangoTownMatt MangoTownGravatt

We collectively stream all of our games on our one twitch channel, as well as put those videos on here. We also regularly play chess variants, Go and Go Variants, PS4 games, and much more.
Channel: Mango Town Plays

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