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In this video Vress lists some of the things you’re going to see when you play the official World of Warcraft vanilla servers that have been announced by Blizzard. This video is aimed at those who never played classic WoW back in the day, but I’m sure that it will give you vanilla WoW veterans a nice hit of nostalgia too. Things have changed a lot in World of Warcraft since the legacy days, and I think some of you may be surprised to realise by just how much!

I’m a big fan of vanilla World of Warcraft and that it’s probably my favourite game of all time. I plan to cover vanilla WoW a lot both in the run up to the official legacy server launch and when the content is live. However, I’m not going to pull punches just because of how much I love the game, so please don’t get all up in arms when I talk about the flaws of vanilla WoW as well as it’s awesomeness!

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