Valentine's Day Shiny Jangmo-o Hunt - Masuda Method + Shiny Charm - Pokemon Sword - Live!

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It's Valentine's Day, and together, we're going to celebrate by doing a Shiny Hunt for the Pokemon with a heart on it's head; Jangmo-o!

This will be a Shiny Hunt using the Masuda Method in Pokemon Sword and Shield on the Nintendo Switch. Likewise, I will be using a Flame Body Pokemon while in possession of both the Oval Charm and the Shiny Charm.

While Jangmo-o might have a cute and cuddly pink heart on it's head (while Shiny), don't let this fool you! He is a rather fierce and powerful Fighting/Dragon type Pokemon introduced in Gen 7 (Pokemon Sun and Moon).

During my Pokemon Moon playthrough (outside of the channel), I had Jangmo-o on my team and was extremely fond of it. So this will be a great addition to the Shiny collection!

Will our Shiny luck continue?

All that being said, whether you're alone this Valentine's like myself, or if you're hunkered down with a loved one while watching, this is sure to be a great and wonderful Shiny Hunt!

#ValentinesDay #Pokemon #ShinyHunt

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