Top 7 Hardest Ultimate Weapons To Obtain

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Obtaining Ultimate Weapons in Final Fantasy games is something of a rite of passage and let's face it, there's just something about becoming severely over-powered that makes the whole thing more enjoy!

Some of them though, are an absolute brat to obtain, so we thought it'd be apt to pull together a video talking about the ones that we feel are the most difficult.

Yep, we're spanning the numbered series (including the MMOs), to talk through some of the hardest weapons to obtain, from Steiner's Excalibur II, through to the Relic Weapons in Final Fantasy XI and even Tinkerbell in Final Fantasy V!

Hopefully you enjoy the list!


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Throughout this video, we'll be talking about...

- How to get Relic Weapons (Final Fantasy XI), like the Aegis Shield
- How to get Onion Knight (Dodging Lightning Bolts!)
- How to get Tournesol (Final Fantasy XII)
- How to get Tinkerbell (Final Fantasy V vs Twintania)
- How to get Ultima Weapons (Final Fantasy XIV Weapon's Refrain)
- How to get Onion Sword (Final Fantasy IV)
- How to get Excalibur II (Final Fantasy IX)

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