TI9 (Bad Guy Parody)

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womp womp, finally got this done.
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Original: Bad Guy - Billie Eilish

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maybe this took me awhile because I didn't feel that inspired from this year's TI... It was the first one I had not attended in person since TI3 :( Maybe Sweden next year though! the whole vid itself took me a day to record and assemble but i procrastinated on lyrics for over 3 months LUL

Cap’s shirt now wet, Blitz so confused
Only 3 heroes left unused
OG repeat another fluke
Topson’s unstoppable
CCNC in awe of Gabe
Butt clench in every Secret game
‘okay gg’ please end our pain
This crowd? Not audible
So we’ve got lore guys
With the China tour guides
BM on the floor guys
Io’s got me bored guys
We’ve got dad types
Memes on all our flags types
Not using buyback types
Misclick in the draft types
All at TI
All at T I
Tiny throwing crits with each tree
This shit right here’s supposed to be
Techies, Dendi just stole the cheese
Shoulder checks from EG
Banning alch/ench in every match
Falling asleep from the same drafts
Artour gets in a final bash
They’re dead like Artifact
And we’ve got high fives
Ready for a fight guys
Votes for Ogre Magi
Can’t handle their spice guys
We’ve got stats types
Gonna fold in half types
Stand-in for the ass types
Bring our notes in stacks types
All at T I
All at T I
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