The Story of Battle of Dazar'alor - Alliance & Horde POV [Lore]

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The Alliance is ready to assault the heart of the Zandalari empire and remove the Horde's most powerful ally out of the war. Last time they approached the capital, it didn't too well for their fleet but this time they had some time to prepare, gather allies and deceive the Horde. The Battle of Dazar'alor is upon us...I hope you'll enjoy!

Want more details on all the things we talked about today? Check out this WoWhead article:

A big thank you to Fatbosstv, Slootbag and Squishei for helping me get some recordings on the Horde side. You can find them here:

Fatbosstv: http://gamefun8.com/user/FatbossTV
Slootbag: https://www.twitch.tv/sloot
Squishei: https://twitter.com/Squishei

Alliance war campaign 0:58 - 3:40
Horde war campaign 3:41 - 7:34
Battle of Dazar'alor 7:35 - 32:30
Aftermath 32:31 - 40:22

Ps. The fate of Gelbin might be tied to the Patch 8.2 Mechagon that they're adding. Gallywix mentions during the Horde war campaign that it seems like the king of the gnomes would like to be a robot himself. The mechagnomes in 8.2 replace their body with robotic parts, the more ya got the higher your standing is within their society. It's just speculation ofc, but seems reasonable.

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