The Simpsons Game [Road to 100%] [#03] - SPACE INVADERS!

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Whats this? Multiple videos a week? Oliver? You feeling ok? You better know, I am feeling so so good!

This episode, we get to meet the evil Lard Lad aka the big guy holding the donut... Now you know who I am talking about. Also we get to see the Simpsons version of "Space Invaders" its reference thats pretty hard not to get!

Watch the beginning of the video to get a brief understanding of what the rest of the video has to offer!

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—💙 Audio Credit 💙—

Intro Music by : Themusikage
Song Name : Naruto Shippuden Opening 16 - 8 Bit
Link to music : http://gamefun8.com/game-video_gdcYVfn13c1Q
They have many more awesome 8 bit tunes, check them out here : http://gamefun8.com/channel/UCsej...

Outro Song by : Steve Conte
Song Name : Seven Rings In Hand
Channel: GamingElectro

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