The Oregon Trail US History Unit

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The Oregon Trail Interactive Notebook Activities, which works for both print and Google Drive™, is a great stand-alone mini-Interactive Notebook activity or an add-on section for a Social Studies Interactive Notebook.

This download includes:
• Cover sheet for the notebook
• Links to helpful online resources.
• Informational Slideshow Presentation to use for instruction.
• Guide with a link to Google Drive file and instructions on how to use.
• IntelliNotes™ format to use when you are short on time.
• Tutorial guide showing how to make all printable foldable activities.
• First Settlers/Settlement Activity
• The Oregon Trail Map Activity
• The Reasons for Traveling The Oregon Trail Spinner Activity
• The Oregon Trail Supply List Activity
• Hardships of the Oregon Trail Journey Activity
• The Oregon Trail Hardships Journal Activity
• The Mormon Trail Activity
• Answer Key
• Checklist for the alignment to the 4th grade Nebraska State Social Studies Standards.

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