The Oregon Trail ....IRL

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The Awesome Spencer Series: DYED BY DYSENTERY

Today’s video is about:
A family outing & hiking AT THE CLIFFS IN OREGON!


You are watching Spencer! I’m originally from San Diego, California. But now live in YOKOSUKA, JAPAN! I’ve been trying to start youtube content creation since 2008 and just kept QUITTING. It’s 2018 and I decided it’s time to CHANGE this mindset and CHASE this PASSION. I’m a regular dude and I just want to inspire and motivate others to do YOUR VERY BEST!!! I will offer ALL of my LIFE LESSONS in DIGITAL ADVICE for you; message me if you want to make a NEW FRIEND!! Please LISTEN to my stories from PAST and PRESENT. Join me on this journey together!!!!!

***I live in JAPAN, but this show isn’t about Japan as a theme, but Japan as a character!

This channel is about TWO IDEAS:
1. To make a series of videos that fit my personality with room for sporadic changes.
2. I have over 10 YEARS of youtube content with over 100,000 videos and pictures that have never been shared or released.. get ready for a wild showcase # 100KPICTUREPROJECT

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The Gear:
LENS: 1. Tamron 24-70mm F/2.8
2. Canon 50mm F/1.8
3. Canon 14mm F/2.8

CAMERA 2: Canon T3i
CAMERA 3: iphone7+

MIC: 1. Rode Video Mic Pro,
2. A Lav Mic I stole from a friend
Channel: Spencer Amansick

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