The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Randomizer 2 - Episode 7

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Generation Date: 8/6/2019, 10:20:43 PM UTC

World Count 1
Create Spoiler Log True
Open Forest True
Open Kakariko Gate False
Open Door of Time True
Open Zora's Fountain False
Gerudo Fortress Start with Gerudo Card
Rainbow Bridge Requirement All Medallions
Logic Rules Glitchless
All Locations Reachable True
Bombchus Are Considered in Logic True
Dungeons Have One Major Item False
Random Number of Ganon's Trials False
Ganon's Trials Count 0
Skip Tower Escape Sequence True
Skip Child Stealth True
Skip Epona Race True
Fast Chest Cutscenes True
Nighttime Skulltulas Expect Sun's Song False
Free Scarecrow's Song True
Start with Fast Travel False
Start with Max Rupees False
Start with Tycoon's Wallet False
Start with Deku Equipment False
Random Big Poe Target Count False
Big Poe Target Count 1
Shuffle Kokiri Sword True
Shuffle Ocarinas True
Shuffle Weird Egg False
Shuffle Gerudo Card False
Shuffle Songs with Items True
Scrub Shuffle Off
Shopsanity Shuffled Shops (4 Items)
Tokensanity Dungeons Only
Maps & Compasses Start With
Small Keys Dungeon Only
Boss Keys Dungeon Only
Maps and Compasses Give Information False
Remove Ganon's Boss Door Lock False
Random Number of MQ Dungeons False
Random MQ Dungeon Count 0
Exclude Locations
Enable Tricks
Earliest Pocket Egg
Latest Claim Check
Lens of Truth Required Everywhere
Randomize Ocarina Song Notes False
Chest Size Matches Contents False
Clearer Hints False
Gossip Stones Hints; Need Stone of Agony
Hint Distribution Balanced
Text Shuffle No Text Shuffled
Ice Traps Normal Ice Traps
Item Pool Minimal
Damage Multiplier Double
Starting Time of Day Default
Default Targeting Option Hold
Display D-Pad HUD True
Kokiri Tunic Majora Purple
Goron Tunic Completely Random
Zora Tunic Completely Random
Sword Trail Duration Default
Inner Color Completely Random
Outer Color Completely Random
Navi Idle Completely Random
Navi Targeting Enemy Completely Random
Navi Targeting NPC Completely Random
Navi Targeting Prop Completely Random
Background Music Random
Low HP None
Horse Moo
Nightfall Redead Moan
Hover Boots Default
Ocarina Random Choice
Menu Cursor Default
Menu Select Default
Navi Overworld Poe
Navi Enemy Redead Scream
Channel: Zaadin19

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