The Launch Star That Grants a Fate Worse Than Death in Super Mario Galaxy

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Super Mario Galaxy has lots of out of bounds mysteries, but some are a bit closer to home than others - like in Deep Dark Galaxy. In a few levels, lots of strange things are just out of grasp due to barriers being put into place... And today we'll be covering just that. Within Deep Dark Galaxy, one of the stars blocks you from visiting the beach that you normally start on. But if we go there, we find quite a lot of odd things... Including the deadly cousin of Dusty Dune Galaxy's lost launch star!

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Credits and sources:

Written by SwankyBox.
Filmed and edited by SwankyBox and Stowgee.

Music credits:
Songs from various Super Mario Bros OST's

"Creepy Steeple" - Paper Mario: TTYD
"Grand Lobby / Basement" - Luigi's Mansion 3
Channel: SwankyBox

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