The Entire StarCraft Timeline Explained

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Strap yourselves in. We're taking a deep dive into the lore of one of the most iconic real-time strategy franchises ever made, StarCraft. There's a lot to unpack here, so you may want to construct some additional pylons.

Before we even get to the first StarCraft game, we have to go waaaaay back. The oldest beings in the StarCraft universe are called the Xel'Naga; they are frequently mentioned but take a while to actually appear.

Good question, Sarah. They're basically the "great old ones" of StarCraft. The Xel'Naga believe the universe follows a cyclical pattern and seek to influence two separate races to become embodiments of two separate virtues: "Purity of Form" and "Purity of Essence." Eventually, those races would come together to create a new version of Xel'Naga, and the cycle could begin anew.

The Xel'Naga are seen as architects of the universe, in a way: they influence other creatures in an attempt to build up their own survival and ideology. They re-enter the story later on, so don't forget about them.

The Protoss were the race chosen by the Xel'Naga as the race that best encapsulated "Purity of Form." Their psychic links and excellent physical traits made them a powerful option, and the Xel'Naga eventually came to the Protoss homeworlds to guide them directly.

However, the Protoss eventually began to question the Xel'Naga's motivation for helping them, which led to the Xel'Naga leaving their homeworld, Aiur. With the Xel'Naga no longer guiding them, Protoss advancement slowed and the different tribes began to resent each other. They soon entered a great civil war, called the Aeon of Strife, which was one of the longest and bloodiest conflicts in the history of the universe.

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The ancient ones | 0:13
Aeon of Strife | 1:01
The Zerg terror | 1:37
Enter humanity | 2:24
Coming together | 3:03
Leaving Kerrigan | 3:50
A new woman | 4:53
An uneasy alliance | 5:51
Zerg/Protoss hybrids | 6:24
Raynor's Raiders | 6:53
The prophecy | 7:39
Primal Zerg | 8:33
Kerrigan's vendetta | 9:19
The threat of Amon | 10:01
Severing the link | 10:51
The final battle | 11:46
Peace at last | 12:31

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