The Doom of Eztli playthrough - Arkham Horror LCG. 4 Mystics? Same group? #AllPurpleAlltheTime

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The #allpurpleallthetime team continues, this time with their 4-Investigator team of Mystics. They attempt running through "The Doom of Eztli", but how will they fare? Find out in the video above!

Plus, Innkeeper Poncho fills Innkeeper Vase Odin in on the latest happenings since the "Piñata Party" at the Mexican branch of the Inn, "Tentáculos Torcido".

3:30 Prologue
9:00 Starting Location
9:55 Opening Hands
13:08 Game Bagins
1:08:39 Agenda 2
1:37:06 Act 2
2:23:08 Wrap-up
2:25:40 XP Distribution
2:26:01 Epilogue
Channel: Twisted Tentacle Inn

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