The Doom of Eztli playthrough - Arkham Horror LCG. 4 Mystics? Same group? #AllPurpleAlltheTime

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The #allpurpleallthetime team continues, this time with their 4-Investigator team of Mystics. They attempt running through "The Doom of Eztli", but how will they fare? Find out in the video above!

Previous episode - http://gamefun8.com/game-video_gqlsjVpFSk7s

Plus, Innkeeper Poncho fills Innkeeper Vase Odin in on the latest happenings since the "Piñata Party" at the Mexican branch of the Inn, "Tentáculos Torcido".

3:30 Prologue
9:00 Starting Location
9:55 Opening Hands
13:08 Game Bagins
1:08:39 Agenda 2
1:37:06 Act 2
2:23:08 Wrap-up
2:25:40 XP Distribution
2:26:01 Epilogue
Channel: Twisted Tentacle Inn

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