The Complete Evolution of Cid (Part 1)

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Final Fantasy has had many elements that help to hold together the fabric of what the franchise is all about and one of those elements has become the appearance of Cid.

After appearing for the first time in Final Fantasy II, Cid has gone on to appear in a huge amount of Final Fantasy games and within this first part of our Complete Evolution of Cid, we're going to be looking at appearances from Final Fantasy II through to Final Fantasy IX... yep, that means we will also be looking at Cid Highwind of Final Fantasy VII fame!


1. Final Fantasy II Cid
2. Final Fantasy III Cid Haze
3. Final Fantasy IV Cid Pollendina
4. Final Fantasy V Cid Previa
5. Final Fantasy VI Cid Marquez
6. Final Fantasy VII Cid Highwind
7. Final Fantasy VIII Cid Kramer
8. Final Fantasy IX Cid Fabool IX


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