Super Mario Maker 2 - Viewer Levels Live Stream #14 (Queue Closed)

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Level Submission/Queue, Discord, Social Media & Chat Rules

How to Submit Levels: Type "!add 000-000-000" (Your Level Code) in the chat. Cost is 50 rupees, our chat currency. Only one per person is allowed per week.

My Rules For Level Submissions
-You MUST submit it the way we ask you to. We do NOT take them from the chat directly, And ONLY one per person per week.
-With the exception to channel members, all levels are played IN ORDER.
-Timer is 10 minutes, unless a checkpoint is reached late, then I will give it up to 5 extra minutes. (Or I really want to clear it)
-Asking for your level to be played before it's your turn will result in it being removed. If you can't be patient, neither will I with you.
-Do NOT ask for your level to be upvoted or it will get downvoted. You will EARN your likes, not have them asked for.
-No Panga, Rubberross, GameXplain, or other "popular" levels. They will be rejected.
-Troll/unfair levels will be subjected to a downvote and cut short. Don't want that to happen? Don't send garbage levels.
-Kaizo to a certain extent is allowed, but if it's mostly kaizo, it most likely will be cut short.
-If I find any "cheese" whether intentional or not, I will exploit it, so don't complain if I find any.

Anyone who fails to comply with these submission rules may be banned completely based on what was violated or on repeated infractions.

The Army of Dark Discord Channel:

Follow me on Twitter to stay up-to-date:

Donation Link:
https://bit.ly/2n7fl4L (Paypal Required)

Chat Rules:

-Absolutely no self promoting, sub grubbing, or talking about your channel/content in any way. (INSTANT BAN)
-Do not request/demand for games to be played. Suggestions are fine.
-No roleplaying allowed.
-No backseat gaming, unless asked otherwise.
-No memes allowed. Like, absolutely none at all. They are stupid and overused.
-Do not ask for Nightbot to be turned off. And do not argue with it. It's not real.
-No shout-out requests or asking for your name to be said. Just say hello and I will say hello back.
-Don't ask others for personal information, IE: Skype, Kik, social media, or online gaming ID's.
-Swearing is to match the game being played, as long as you are not directing it at anyone or overusing it.
-Do not spam with random letters or lots of emoji.
-Please try to keep the chat to English speaking only.
-No caps lock chat, AKA shouting.
-Do not disrespect anyone, especially me or the mods.
-No fanboyism or flame wars of any kind.
-No political or religious talk of any kind. This is a gaming channel.
-Do not ask to become a mod.
Channel: DarkJake13

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