Super Mario Maker 2 [Ep. 30] - All Viewer Levels!

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Let's play all the fun creative levels we can tonight! If you want your level played tonight, consider joining our discord server and submit your level to the #smm2-queue channel.

Want to play Multiplayer with me?

Here's what you gotta do:
1. Send me a friend request. SW-2120-8258-3435
2. Tell me in the live chat what your Switch profile name is so I can match it up to you.
3. That's it!! Let's have fun together!

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1. No swearing, please.
2. Please be respectful of others.
3. No spamming messages, caps or emotes.
4. No self-promotion.
5. Don't ask to be a moderator.
6. No politics, please.

All rule-breaking scores you timeout points and if you repeatedly break rules, you win the ultimate prize of mandatory silence by being banned.

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