StarCraft Remastered Alternate: [Renegade Roar Mission 1 - Badlands]

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StarCraft Alternate Links:
Download/Info Link - https://www.staredit.net/topic/17624/
Playlist - https://bit.ly/2QKofBc

- Remastered-compatible: Explore the campaign in wide or square resolution, in HD or SD graphics, with or without customized hotkeys - any tool Starcraft Remastered has to offer is at your disposal, thanks to mod being specifically designed to work on SCR.

- Advanced storytelling: Green text interludes, briefing location description - almost same as in the original campaigns.
A new look at the same maps: Re-experience classic missions we all know, but under angle of different races, different characters and, as such, different gameplay.

- Know your enemy: The AI is customized and improved to represent personalities and tactics of various Executors, Cerebrates, Captains and other commanders player can face throughout the story

- A long story: Being based on Blizzard campaigns, Alternate covers almost the same amount of episodes as original does, suggesting the player 46 (and more in future) missions to overcome.
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