Star Spangled Beasters - Part 1: Oregon Trail Deluxe

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"After some discussion, Giant Bomb has decided to cancel this feature. My original intention was to have a lighthearted holiday feature in the same vein as Six Crazy Frights and The Dating Games. The feature was planned months ago and I tried to do a careful job of curating games loosely tied to American history that we might not normally get to play. It is clear the discourse has moved far beyond the content of the feature.

The timing of the release of these episodes is, admittedly, the absolute worst. These videos are in no way a condonation of Trump's current immigration policy. I of course think these practices are abhorrent and go squarely against American values and ideals.

I am going to continue to do my job as an American citizen to fight for marginalized groups and I hope you do, too. Take care.

- Abby"

What better way to start a video feature than with a little dysentery?
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