Speed Docs: Zelda: The Minish Cap - Any% Speedrunning World Record History

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The Minish Cap is one of the least explored Zelda games, keeping up with its theme of being underrated. But the history of the speedrun has been a fierce competition that rivals some of the biggest speed games in the Zelda franchise.

Note: This is a re-upload because of an issue we saw in the original video. Everything is fixed now, thank you for being patient!

Special thanks to the Minish Cap community, especially quo! quo was instrumental in the making of this video. This video was also made with the help of Atroz, Tompa, and ToadsWoot.

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Speed Docs Crew:
CCNeverender, CJitsallGewd, Jmans600, quo

Narration: CCNeverender, quo
Script: quo, CCNeverender, CJitsallGewd
Editing: CJitsallGewd
Interview Transcription: Jmans600

Credits Music: Squid_Bird

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