Smash and Grab!!! Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty Campaign Let's Play Part 5! #Starcraft2

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Let's Play Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty! It's time to play the game that inspired the original name for my YouTube channel! I've been waiting a long time to release this gameplay and I'm excited to have you with me as we venture through this Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty campaign walkthrough!

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Starcraft 2 is now free to play through Blizzard, and I bought the game way back when it was announced. Because of that, I got a free upgrade to Heart of the Swarm, so I bought Legacy of the Void and completed the trilogy in my spare time. This Starcraft 2 lets play will feature my decisions through the Terran campaign (Wings of Liberty campaign). I'll make separate series' for Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void!

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