|| SimCity 2000 || **Successful** Hard Mode Play Through ||

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Since I was a kid, I separate people based on what mode of SimCity 2000 they're operating on. Hard Mode was a specter for me. Something I was never able to successfully navigate. I moved on because I got older and 9/11 and stuff, but recently I was like - HEY! SIMCITY 2000! HARD MODE! It's time.

So I purchased the game and learned the esoteric secrets of SimCity 2000. Now I can beat the game in Hard Mode instinctively, which is a cool but entirely useless skill

Today I've decided to share that entirely useless skill with you.

This is just a play through that illustrates how to start with a $10,000 loan and yet still navigate the situation so you can pay off the loan, be prepared for any disaster that comes your way, and make a huge profit to become the diabolical social engineer you were meant to become.

I may do one of these things where I talk my way through but who knows I'm kinda busy and this was ridiculous enough as is.

Oh! And there's a nuclear power plant meltdown somewhere in there.

If you're interested in reading the actual tips on how to beat SimCity 2000 in Hard Mode, I wrote about it here:

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