Shadow Arena First Impressions "Is It Worth Playing?"

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Shadow Arena is the new standalone Battle Royal game from Pearl Abyss that was initially a mini game in Black Desert Online but has since became it's own thing.
Shadow Arena shares the same universe, visuals and engine as BDO and games can support up to 50 players.

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What do you think about Shadow Arena so far? Is It a good battle royale that's worth playing or will it be dead within a few weeks? let me know in the comments below!

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---Shadow Arena Description---

Shadow Arena is a melee style action battle royale game where 50 players fight to be the last one standing. It’s a game that evolved Black Desert Online’s content to become more like an action game.

Directing PD of Shadow Arena, Kim Kwang-sam, said, “Shadow Arena was a mode from Black Desert Online, so there were many limits to changing the system. Now that it became an individual game, we decided to make it closer to an action game. Through the demonstration at G-Star and the upcoming CBT, we will be bringing up the lively action and fun in the game.”

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Shadow Arena First Impressions "Is It Worth Playing?"
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