Rock Stars Who Lost All Their Money

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When you're a famous rock star at the height of your career, the wave of success might seem endless. But everyone knows nothing lasts forever and many musicians aren't exactly brilliant at saving up that nest egg. Here are the rockers who went completely broke. (And a few who clawed their way back.)

English bad-boy rocker Pete Doherty founded the rock band The Libertines in 1997. And when the group banned him from playing, due to his drug abuse and jail time, Doherty simply started another band, the Babyshambles, in 2003.

But his addiction didn't just affect his relationships, it affected his bottom line. In 2007, the Evening Standard reported that despite earning millions with The Libertines and his recent Babyshambles album selling 100,000 copies, Doherty was quote, "on the verge of bankruptcy." While it was assumed his addictions didn't help financial matters, his investments hadn't done well either and all the money was seemingly gone.

Fortunately, he'd managed to snag supermodel Kate Moss along the way, and her millions were keeping him afloat at the time. But Moss was long gone by 2010, when The Sun claimed that the rocker was quote, "completely broke," and living in a basement apartment. Fact or tabloid fiction, Doherty was done…that is, until he formed a new band, Peter Doherty and the Puta Madres.

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