Roblox Natural Disaster Survival Funny Moments

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Alright, we're back at it again with a Roblox Natural Disaster Survival Funny Moments video. I made this Roblox Natural Disaster Survival Funny Moments just because I wanted to refresh myself with what I'm editting. Also, I lowkey miss the old days so.... YEAH.
I pride myself on quality. This took roughly 7 hours to edit because of the masking, motion tracking, and color adjustments I had to do. So I really hope my efforts were worth it!

This is how I edit. I use the editing program Final Cut Pro X, and it typically takes me 5-12 hours to edit a single one of these “edits”. For the memes that sort of have a face following them, I have to use a mask to isolate the face or object, motion track the object or face in the original clip, then overlay to that my gameplay, and finally motion track the motion tracked face/object to the character in the gameplay. Yes, a lot of work. For the screen shaking I use to emphasize intensity, I simply motion track the entire screen up and down or side to side every 2 frames, and then I adjust the colors and contrasting of the colors to highlight a difference in situation. Those are the main 2 types of edits I use, and if you have some more serious questions about other edits I use once in a while, be sure to let me know in the comments!

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