R64: Return to Freddy's spaghettria

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Well 70% of you wanted mario to be weirded out by weird robots and so here it is...again! yaay. Mario portals into freddy's spaghettria, the game after toad taunting mario he can't play such a scary game.

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sounds used and credit to:
How to Make Five Nights at Freddy's (1 and 2) Not Scary - Garrett Williamson (GarArtStudios)
F*** this sh** im out - the theme song (soundcloud)
Markiplier - like a loser
I love you song - Barney the dinosaur
Fnaf 2 trailer song - scott cawthon
Sanity not included - machinima
Roman bellic soundboard
Final fantasy victory with lyrics - brental floss
Mario has had enough 2 - Whitetongue
Zelda windwaker - Gamegrumps

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