Quake Compendium - Psionic Slug

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Diving further into the depths of Quake, we have found our way to our first compete custom enemy. Much like other beasts, this is a lovecraftian horror, a giant breathing slug that will sluggishly move its way through the corridors to attack you for some unknown reason.

The Psionic Slug appears to be a predatory beast, hunting humans and other denizens of this world, or perhaps it is just another member of Quake's loyal army. In any event; the Psionic Slug is different from anything we have seen before as it attacks the victim mentally using mental rings with ear-splitting sounds to break the player down to a corporeal mess.

Armed with a lot of health and being quick to rip apart the victim's health, it is not recommended for fledgling warriors to fight these beasts. Only veterans, strong in mind as well as body, can hope to defeat these mini-Shamblers. Of course, lately there appears to be an invasion of Quake's forces, these Psionic Slugs seem to be replacing the normal creatures. Survival of the fittest, and these things certainly seem fit to survive. Hopefully someone can change that before these worlds get overrun entirely with slugs.
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