Pokemon Sun-Moon and Ultra Sun-Ultra Moon Reverse GTS live stream giveaways 2018 US Events

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Welcome to the Hyped Gamer Network

1.Name Yungoos "HYPED" for the 2018 US event Pokémon, Shiny Kyogre, Shiny Groupon, Shiny Thunderous, Shiny Tornados and Shiny Zygarde. These are just some of them. I'll be adding the Shiny Latios and Shiny Latias later today.
2. Deposit it on GTS and ask for a Pokemon based on the theme of the day.
3. Wait to be traded! Unlimited trades I don't care!


Discord: https://discord.gg/ecwJQh
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Hyped-Gamer-...

Trade Order:

Trades are done from the back to the front! Old deposits are traded first, if you redeposit before being traded you will wait longer, so don't redeposit a lot!
Yungoos location: Route 1 Day time (Sun-Moon), Route 1 Day time (Ultra Sun - Ultra Moon)


1. Do not bully, harass, insult or be rude to anyone.
2. Do not spam. Use commands freely though.
3. No scamming. Avoid drama.

4. If you advertise it must be Pokemon related as I work to have a stronger community here in the reverse GTS

5. Listen to the mods.

6. No problematic usernames.

Songs on stream: Pokemon, The Pokemon Company, Game Freak, and my own remixes

My music remixe are available for download for free just click the URL in YT and open in a YT to MP3 downloader
Credit is given to all artists here in the description and neatly organized into this song list!

HD Pokemon GIFs: https://www.furretturret.com/

Be sure to show some love to this awesome artist!
Channel: Hyped Gamer Network

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