Pokemon Red: Nuzlocke - Episode 14 | A Shocking LT Surge Battle!

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A fun new Adventure continues! Capture Pokemon, trade them with friends, battle or even murder!
This is not a typical Pokemon adventure!
When a Pokemon faints in a Nuzlocke...
It dies for good!

Rules of the Nuzlocke!
-When a Pokemon Faints it must be released! No revivals. It is lost for good.
-Only the first unique Pokemon may be caught in each area. No duplicates of Pokemon.
-No items allowed in battle. Exception: If an enemy trainer uses a potion then I can use a potion of the same caliber.
-No running! Fight everything like it or not. Exception: Moves like Roar and Whirlwind can allow escape from battles.

Leave a comment down below to suggest a name for a future Nuzlocke episode!

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