PANDAS, CATS, & SCAFFOLDING in Minecraft! | Bedrock Beta Features (Minecraft 1.14 Preview)

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Pandas are in Minecraft! Cats, Scaffolding, & Bamboo too! Well, kinda. In this video I showcase the new additions in the Minecraft Bedrock Edition Beta This is the first taste of the upcoming Village & Pillage Update features. The beta just released a few hours ago & this serves as a first look & mini coverage. What do you think so far?

-You can grow Bamboo with bone meal.
-Pandas play with & eat bamboo. Throw them it! (Ty NycDrake 7)
-Pandas eat cake! (Ty Naffy Zacky)
-String & Bamboo will craft the Scaffolding (Ty Nico 15)
-You can breed panda. Not sure of the conditions, but I got it to work eventually. Use bamboo.
-Creepers don't like cats, it seems.
-There may be brown pandas already! (Ty multiple people)
- There may also be more panda variants (Ty Shen 101)

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