Opposing Force 19:23 speedrun

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Segmented speedrun record performed by quadrazid on hard difficulty.

00:00 Incoming
00:45 Welcome to Black Mesa
04:27 We Are Pulling Out
07:36 Missing In Action
09:35 Friendly Fire
11:53 We Are Not Alone
12:14 Crush Depth
14:35 Vicarious Reality
15:15 Pit Worm's Nest
15:42 Foxtrot Uniform
16:49 "The Package"
17:40 Worlds Collide
20:11 End

This speedrun is using a large amount of segments and scripts, as well as some extreme quicksave glitches. If you don't enjoy this kind of speedrun please don't whine, maybe you like my scriptless single-segment run better: http://gamefun8.com/game-video_gnndYIa...

WON version

I started to plan out this run in November 2011. Finding new tricks and plan out health and ammo. Recorded first demo February 2nd 2012, and last demo was completed March 4th.
It's in total 107 segments on hard difficulty. Breaking Spider-Waffles old record with 94 segments by 3 minutes and 15 seconds.

Downloads, scripts and more information:

Video commentary:

Thanks to:
Spider-Waffle for the old Opposing Force record.
crashfortress making one segment and fixed v_models.
coolkid for uploading.
Channel: quadrazid

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