Ocarina of Time Randomizer - Max Random Settings, No Logic

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This randomizer uses max random setting, which includes:
Shuffle songs with items
Gold Skulltula Tokens
Deku Scrubs
Small Keys and Boss Keys (keysanity)
Master Quest Dungeons mixed in
Entrance randomizer (all indoors, overworld, and dungeons)

No Logic - Normally, randomizer is designed to be played without glitches, and so there is built in logic to make sure items are not placed in places that would make the game unbeatable. This removes that logic, so all items can be placed anywhere. This means I will usually have to make use of lots of glitches to get some items, but also means it may be unbeatable (though unlikely).

This was one with OoT randomizer version 5.1. You can find it here https://ootrandomizer.com/

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