my final fantasy 9 experience

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A summary of my very first Final Fantasy experience°˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

It was really hard to condense over 100 hours of gameplay into a 30 minute video and it was kinda weird to mix old streams with new streams, but I hope it's still enjoyable. I tried to keep it under 20 minutes but that clearly didn't work out LOL.

I embarked on this journey over a year ago and got pretty far into the game but lost my save files, so a few months ago I restarted it and finally managed to complete it. The game quickly became one of my all time favorites. It's so charming, magical, heart-warming and whimsical. The balance of wonder, humor and deep human emotions and existential thoughts is perfect. The meaningful messages that are portrayed, the lovable characters who are full of life (I got way too attached to them), and so much more make Final Fantasy IX a masterpiece in my opinion. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to play it and that it was my introduction to the Final Fantasy series ♡

Some timestamps:
00:13 beginning of first playthrough (last year)
01:18 trying to figure out the combat lmao I was clueless
02:02 Black Mage Village
03:41 first time seeing a FF summon
08:33 you are not alone ♪
10:16 beginning of "official" playthrough (this year)
13:42 beating Gizamaluke with Vivi only EPIC GAYMER MOMENT
15:58 first time seeing Shiva (VERY IMPORTANT)
18:05 B O B B Y C O R W E N
18:58 Trance Kuja and Necron
23:34 ending (big cri) (the ending is so perfect though wtf)

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Music used in the video:
● You Are Not Alone/Final Fantasy IX [Music Box] http://gamefun8.com/game-video_g7Y1UGHLSjAs
Channel: Nyxipuff

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