Mortal Kombat 2 Mugen v4.2 by ShinSmoke and Gui Santos - Baraka (Hard 8)

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link to ShinSmoke - http://gamefun8.com/user/shinsmoke
link to Gui Santos - http://gamefun8.com/user/TheGUTAA

What's new in Version 4.2
1. Added some of the MKII stuff from Gui Santos final version of MK II MUGEN.
(Different versus screen background, MK II Danger message, MK II WINS counter text & numbers.)
2. Added MK II Friendship message.
3. New endings for Jade, Smoke and Noob Saibot.
4. Added Boss version of Shang Tsung (LeoCobainJr's Edit) replacing the normal version.
Both versions are in the same folder, both with AI patches, minor fixes, & sound edits by me.
5. AI updated for all characters.
6. AI main system in the common1.cns is updated.
7. B.moves.st, Fatality.st, & Pit.st has been updated.
8. Fixed some missing sounds for Boss Shang tsung's morphs.
9. Edited some hit collison boxes for Boss Shang tsung.
10. Pre-fight controls from MKP Season 2 Final are added & also fixed by me.
11. Kintaro & Boss Shao Kahn can now guard against low attacks.
(Just press or hold block during a incoming low attack & you'll guard it.) ;)
12. Difficulty% text is now replaced with MK II styled CPU text. (Don't know how to make MK II style Difficulty% text as sprites or fonts.)
13. While playing on Hard 8, the difficulty will now be at 75% for the first three matches, then it's 87% for the next two matches, then it's 100% for the rest of arcade mode.
14. While fighting Shao Kahn or playing as him, his voice announcments are slient.
Just like how he was in the original MK II game, FIGHT text didn't display either. :)
(You won't hear Round 1 FIGHT!!! Or Blah Blah Blah WINS)
15. New snd (voice) for Sub-Zero.
16. Fixed a bug on Raiden's Torpedo.
17. BattlePlan can now only be skipped during the first match by pressing start or by holding down to speed it up.
18. Disabled Both Shao Kahn's intro after he loses the first round,
due to a bug with the pre-fight controls that cancels his getting up animation & goes to straight to his fighting stance. Same issue in MKP Season 2 Final.
(Hopefully I find a way to fix it in a future update, until then it's disabled.)
19. Added new Hit & Damage counter text. (Adapted from Juano16's version of MK II MUGEN with a minor edit.)
20. Sub-Zero now has two win poses.
21. Added easy Brutality input for all characters.
Press HP 11 times, you can also still use the manual Brutality input command from the character's movelist.
22. Changed Danger sound to Killer Instinct's version.
23. New BattlePlan added from Fabian Arispe's Mortal Kombat Trilogy MUGEN 2018.
24. Added Shang Tsung's MKI Throne Room stage & you also fight him there in arcade mode.
25. Both Goro's Lair & Goro's Lair Ruins stages are now available in all game modes.

link for game - https://www.mediafire.com/file/uda6vue...

What's New In This Version 4.2 Small Update:
1. Added Nova's MKII Johnny Cage which now replaces the old one.
2. New AI for Nova's MKII Johnny Cage coded by me.
3. Edited some hit collison boxes for Nova's MKII Johnny Cage.
4. Added easy Brutality input for Nova's MKII Johnny Cage.
5. Edited Nova's MKII Johnny Cage's CNS files & St files.
6. Added blood & bones for MKII Sub-Zero's Deep Freeze uppercut finish.
7. Added some bones for Jade's Stab & Shake fatality & Jax's Giant Step fatality.
8. AI updated for all characters.
9. AI main system in the common1.cns is updated.
10. Fixed a bug in Kitana's ending.
11. Added IceCold Assassin's updated MKII Jax.
12. B.moves.st & Kombos.st has been updated.
13. Position of the Wins message for Boss Shang Tsung has been fixed.

link for update - http://gamefun8.com/game-video_gegxlh...
Channel: God Speed

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