Minecraft 1.16 Snapshot 20w07a The Piglin, The Hoglin & Bartering!

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Minecraft 1.16's second snapshot has arrived! The Hoglin and Piglin arrive in full force! As well as a new bartering system with the piglin! We also have some news about nether boats, nether biomes and beds!


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0:20 Piglin In The Overworld!
0:36 Minecraft 1.16 News
0:55 Netherite Beacon
1:25 Endermen Changes
1:56 The Hoglin
3:27 Hoglin Breeding
4:05 Hoglin & Piglin Ecosystem
5:05 The Piglin
7:18 Piglins & Wither Skeletons
8:17 Piglins & Gold Items
9:30 Bartering Explained
10:11 Bartering Trades
11:26 Other Changes
12:16 Minecraft 1.16 News
14:21 Bugfixes

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