[LIVE] The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask! | Part 2, Blind! | Come hang out with us!

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~Stream Rules!~
1: Our chat is family friendly, so no swearing or adult subjects, please!
(Yes, sometimes the games we play are more mature, but this rule stands!)
2: No spamming text or emojis.
3: Don't ask to be made into a mod. I'll let you guys know when I'm looking for more people to join our team.
4: No self-promo in the chat, please.
5: Be respectful to each other. Bullying or harassment will *not* be tolerated.
6: Have fun! :)

~Command List~
!give (target) (amount) - Gives another user some of your Snacks!
!uptime - How long the stream has been live for.
!rules - Displays the rules. Yes, the ones right above this section. xD
!hugs (target) - Just type in who you want to hug and off you go!
!hugme - Need a hug? The Mecha Monster can handle that!
!hugsall - Everyone gets hugs!
!8ball (question) - Costs 250. Type the command and ask your question!
!nemesis - Costs 250. Remind Matt of the things that have driven him the craziest in the past!
!rip - Costs 100. Matt died, didn't he? -_-
!top5 - Shows the 5 people with the most Monster Snacks!
!quote - Calls up a random Quote.
!quote (number) - Calls up a specific Quote.

!Rampage (number) - You can wager up to 10,000 Snacks, but at least 3 people need to join in for it to work. You get your Snacks back if there aren't enough people. :)
!Rescue - Costs 100. Starts up a Monster Rescue mission (our version of a boss battle.) The more people that join, the better your odds!
!Duel (target) - Costs 100. Choose someone else you want to have a duel with!

~Mod Commands~
!discord - Shows the community Discord link.
!snacks add (target) (number) - Adds Snacks to one person.
!snacks add +viewers (number) - Adds Snacks to everybody.
!quote add (text) - Adds a quote to the list!
!raider (target) - Saves who we've been raided by to a .txt file!


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