LIVE BF VS. GF Super Mario Party CHALLENGE! Will I FINALLY Redeem Myself?

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I've lost two Mario Party Challenges to Mikey including $800 worth of superchats/streamlabs donations and I've had to do all the dishes for a week! This is my chance to redeem myself. Winner gets the superchats/streamlabs donations as usual and loser has to do all the laundry! There will only be one 20 turn game to determine the winner.

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A million thank yous to these Patreon Team Potato Executives:
-Connor Manley
-Mike Sipes

My channel relies completely on the generous donations from superchats, sponsors, streamlabs donations and patrons on Patreon. If you enjoy my content please consider supporting me financially, it really means the world to me and quite literally enables me to do my dream job. Without you guys, I would not be here. So thank you!

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Custom Emotes by Auxie, Raining__Roses, Prince Hart and myself! (https://twitter.com/imauxie and https://twitter.com/Raining__Roses)

High Res Shiny Pokemon gifs from FurretTurret: https://www.furretturret.com/resources#

All music in today's stream comes from this playlist: http://gamefun8.com/user/playlist?list...

Please do not make rude comments in chat regarding how much a user has donated. I consider this disrespectful. The people below are all incredibly generous and have supported me to live my dream (copied and pasted from Adrive but I couldn't have said it better myself)
-Do not promote ANYONE besides me in the chat. Do not ask people to subscribe to you or anyone else besides me, do not ask people to watch any video or go to any website or anything else!
-No swearing or explicit topics (basically, if it would give a movie an R rating, don't discuss it here), this is a child friendly stream.
-If you are not a mod, do not try to be a mod. If you see someone breaking the rules, let the mods handle it. If the mods miss it, it doesn't matter.
-Do not harrass or belittle anyone for any reason.
-ANY negative speech about ANYONE based on race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. will NOT BE TOLERATED.
-Do not spoil any tv show, video game, book, movie, or anything else.
-Do not talk in complete gibberish

If you break a rule, you will be timed out for 300 seconds. Mods are not required to tell you why you were timed out (and you can get timed out by nightbot, who is literally a robot and will never tell you anything)
-Mods reserve the right to ban ANYONE for ANY reason. They are not required to give you a reason why they banned you and I will back them up 100%.
-Mods are there to make the chat a friendly, fun place for all. If you are making the chat a non-friendly unfun place to be, you will be banned.
-Extreme offenses automatically result in a ban. I.e. saying anything explicit or harrassing anyone.
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