🌟 Live 🌟 34x Shiny Eevee's CAUGHT! 🤯 + All Shiny Eeveelutions | Pokemon Go Community Day NYC

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Join The Burrs As They Play Pokemon Go #Live From The Streets Of #NYC! #PokemonGOCommunityDay Featuring #ShinyEevee!! 🤩✌

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www.thesilphroad.com 🌟 To Get Your Very Own Travelers Card; So That You Can Get Your Very Own, #ShinyCommunityDay Badge from Teddy or Myself! We have one of the best #SilphLeague Discord Servers in NYC. So, Feel free to join our discord server, so next event you will have it when you meet us to get your special #PokemonGOCommunityDay Badge Compliments of The Amazing Team at #TheSilphRoad & Do Handshakes with All The Amazing Trainers Around 💖✌

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