Let's play The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Part 31: Of Windmills and Time Paradoxes.

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The Fire Temple's finished, so what's next? Well, first I use my newfound Megaton Hammer to reveal a few Business Scrubs who sell me absolutely nothing of interest, but then I use the Megaton Hammer to reveal a Great Fairy's Fountain that does give me something of interest.

Then, I end up debating myself over whether it's more worth it to tackle the Fire Temple or the Water Temple first. I also grab a couple of Gold Skulltula Tokens on the way to Kakariko Village. We exit and reenter Kakariko Village to find unfortunate news: the shadow spirit that was sealed inside the well has broken free. Impa has gone to seal it again, but it appears she will need Link's help. Sheik then teaches us the Nocturne of Shadow, and shortly thereafter, we return to the village as Young Link

I head up to Goron City to grab another Gold Skulltula Token, and I head down afterwards to teach the Song of Storms to the very guy who taught it to us in the future. This creates a time paradox that rips apart the space-time continuum! No, that doesn't actually happen, but I do discuss the time paradox involved.

Items found in this video:

Enhanced Magic Meter

3 Gold Skulltula Tokens (Total: 75/100)
Channel: The Mississippi King

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