Let's Play StarCraft: Insurrection #15 | Protoss Mission 4: In Search of Demioch

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StarCraft: Insurrection is a supplement for the original StarCraft. Although produced by Aztech New Media, Blizzard Entertainment authorised Insurrection as an expansion pack alongside StarCraft: Retribution.

The plot revolved around a little-known Confederate planet called Brontes IV, where a routine patrol fails to check in. It featured three new, full campaigns, which comprise roughly 30 campaign missions, and more than 100 new multiplayer maps.

Insurrection takes place during the Terran campaign of StarCraft. It does not require StarCraft: Brood War, and the missions could be accessed in the same manner as any fan missions, via the Custom Game screen, and selecting the first mission of the desired campaign.

StarCraft: Insurrection received mostly negative reviews. It was criticised for its large but empty maps, poor mission design, drawn-out mission briefings, recycled character portraits, and for the poor quality of the multiplayer maps.
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