Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time Part 7

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This is my Walkthrough of The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time developed by Nintendo. I will be covering the main quest, and side quests. I hope you enjoy and have a good day.

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In this video. I will be doing more side quest’s. also I had audio issues so there will be no sound in this video.

Spooky Mask Delivery 0:00-2:18.
Returning to the mask shop, and mad Cucco's 2:18-5:54.
Bunny Hood Mask 5:54-7:17
to Gerudo Valley 7:17-9:51.
Heart Piece #7 9:51-11:40.
Skulltula #16 11:40-12:35.
Skulltula #17 12:35-14:20.
Heart Piece# 8 14:20-17:37.
Scarecrow Song 17:37-20:22.
Heart Piece #9 Fishing pond 20:22-25:10.
Skulltula #18 25:10-26:05.
To Kakariko 27:09-30:00.
Channel: Biggamer87

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